Hello (testing) World

Welcome to my blog – “Putting my Performance to the Test”, this is the first post! I don’t expect to have any activity on here for a while, and I’m totally cool with that. Hopefully as I get more content on here, more people will show up. If no-one does then thats fine too, im still determined to provide quality content.

A tiny bit about me. I currently work for a company called accesso (www.accesso.com), based just outside Reading in the UK, as the Lead Performance & Automation Testing Engineer. We make virtual queuing solutions for entertainment venues the world over (mostly theme parks), that enable guests to queue for an attraction virtually on a device whilst they explore other areas of the venue.

In my time at accesso I have built multiple automation and performance test frameworks from scratch with tools & technologies such as Selenium Webdriver (with Java) and Jmeter (as well as many others). I had very little knowledge to no of any of the tools that I have used here, and no one to teach me. I was thrown in at the deep end because I was the “technical testy guy” (apparently, I still don’t really consider myself to be all that technical…) and required to self learn everything I needed. Being forced to take this ‘trial by fire’ approach, whilst stressful at times, has lead me to learn a lot more than I ever dreamed possible.

My hope with this blog is that I can inspire other testers out there to become better versions of themselves. I have around 8 years of industry experience but I don’t consider myself to be a “great” tester at all. However, I do have a burning desire to become “great”, and I hope that keeping a blog of my trials, approaches and experiences will contribute to that.