Branching out my Blog – Starting a Software Testing Business


My Dilema

I have made the decision to expand the content of this blog somewhat. I wanted to write a short post to explain what I plan to do, and my thinking behind it.

Over the past few months I have published some software testing blogs that I have been pretty happy with. They have had quite a lot of shares / views, more than I expected. They prompted some interesting discussion. I found that the posts based primarily on my previous experience had the most traction. They were also the most rewarding to me. Here’s a few of the posts:

The problem is that, for me, writing reasonable quality posts takes time. Life is busy at the moment (as it is for everyone). Honestly I am finding it a little hard to motivate myself to write regular, quality software testing blogs. But I love blogging. And I am keen to keep sharing my experiences with the software testing community. So what to do?

Read alot of books – decided to start a business

Well, I read alot of books this year, particularly thanks to Audible. I’ll be writing a blog post with a short review of everything that I read last year. You should get an idea from that of the sort of genres that I am into. Mostly they are about motivation and self-improvement. Reading these books has prompted me to create my own business, revolved around software testing.

So I want this blog to become more of my personal blog. No I won’t be posting cat pictures or photos of my son (check Facebook if you want that). But I am soon going to embark on a journey of setting up a business that revolves around software testing. I plan to write regular blogs on my progress. What I did last week, what I learnt, what I struggled with etc etc. This seems like a good thing.

I still intend to write articles on software testing concepts, tools and methodologies. But I am planning to launch a completely separate site for that. All the technical software testing stuff will go on there. More on that soon!

The Journey begins here

So in summary, I am switching the context of this blog slightly. It will focus on my journey in setting up a software testing business from scratch. This should make it easier for me to write a post a week. At the moment I am writing a post every two weeks, or less. I want to fix that.

My vision is that this blog will go on to add value in two ways. To those looking for information on the technical software testing topics I blog about. And also to those looking to start a new business from scratch. Especially a new software testing business.

I’ll be writing posts soon on why I have decided to do this. And to outline some of my plans.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to continuing to share my experiences with you!! 🙂

  • Harald Müller

    Is there already a new post about setting up a software testing business? Where can I find it?