REST Assured Fundamentals Udemy

This week I finally got round to releasing my first course on Udemy – REST Assured Fundamentals. I have been working on the course on and off over the past year, and I am very pleased that I have been able to finally release it to the public!

The course took me quite a while to create, but I am really pleased with the output, and hope it can be useful to anyone starting out with REST Assured.

For readers of my blog, I am offering the course with an 80% discountjust use this promotion code !

Why did I Make this Course on REST Assured Fundamentals?


I had noticed that there are a number of courses already on Udemy that cover or at least include REST Assured at some level.

However, the thing I noticed with those courses is that they go into great detail on Java and API testing in general (often for many hours!) before even starting to cover REST Assured.

I wanted to create a course that cut through all of that.

A course that assumed you knew what an API was, and how to write basic Java.

A course for someone that just wants to get up and running with REST Assured Fundamentals as quickly as possible…

Whats in the Course?


At the time of launch, the following topics are covered in the REST Assured Fundamentals course:

  • Setting up a base class
  • Running through a proxy
  • Request / Response specifications
  • Adding endpoints to an interface
  • Path / Query params
  • Asserting and extracting from response body
  • Serialization
  • Schema Validation
  • Measuring Response Times
  • Gpath for JSON and XML

I will consider adding more topics later, based on the feedback I receive. I am aware that I don’t have a section on authentication and I will probably need to add that later on.

What did I Learn from Creating this Course?


Whilst researching the course, I found it surprisingly difficult to find a suitable application to test against.

I needed something that you could make all 4 HTTP calls against (GET, POST, UPDATE, DELETE), and something that would accept both JSON and XML.

In the end, I gave up looking for one and just created my own one – the Video Game DB. This was a lot of fun and a great learning experience!

Honestly I had a ton of fun creating this course. Although it only took around a week to record the lectures, the other time invested on research and creating the application to test against took a lot longer.

Also the process of researching, purchasing and configuring the equipment needed to record the course (microphones, software etc.) took some time. Again though, this is very worthwhile for me going forward.

I would love to hear your feedback on how it can be improved.

This is my first ever online course, so I am very much aware that I have a lot to learn….

I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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