Whilst I was scanning through my emails recently I was pleased to find a mail from John Sonmez at Simple Programmer


He was asking me to checkout a new post from Joe Colantonio. The title of the post is Automation Testing, The Ultimate Guide: 74 Resources, Tools & Best Practices for Test Automation

After reading through the post, I felt compelled to share my thoughts on my blog.

Automation Testing Ultimate Guide - title

For those who don’t know Joe, he is a well known name in the Test Automation world. He is probably most famous for his Test Talks podcastone of my favourite podcasts! ), where he has interviewed an enviable line up of influential individuals in the test automation space over the last few years.

As for the post on ‘Automation Testing The Ultimate Guide‘ itself, Joe has condensed an immense amount of knowledge, insight and recommendations into this work.

Whatever your interest in test automation, there is something for you in this post.

Maybe you just want an overview of what test automation is?

Or you want to know why automation is necessary?

Perhaps you want to know what tools you should checkout for your next project…. This is definitely the place to start.

I can see myself referring back to this post for some time to come!

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to create such an excellent resource.

And as Joe would say – “Test everything, and keep the good. Cheers!


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