Software Testing – “It’s just so DULL”

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I recently wrote this blog post on Why Testing is Harder Than Development. The response that I got to it wasn’t quite what I expected. I had anticipated the points in the post being contested, particularly by developers. The general consensus I got though was one of agreement, which is nice I suppose! One comment that I got, from a talented developer friend, struck a cord with me though. Software Testing…

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8 Reasons why Software Testing is Harder than Development

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This is likely to be a controversial topic, and it’s honestly a bit tongue in cheek, but the thought has occurred to me more than once recently. I figured that it would make for an interesting blog post and some interesting discussion.  I think that, in the modern Software Development world, Testing is harder than Development. If you had said this to me 10 years ago, I would have thought…

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Finding the Balance Between Unit & Functional Tests

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In my previous blog post I wanted to set the scene for this post on finding the balance between Unit and Functional tests. In that post we discussed the evolution of the Testing Pyramid and concluded that because it is only a model, we don’t have to strictly accept that we should always have more Unit tests than Functional tests. It’s about much more than just looking at the quantity of tests…

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The Evolution of the Testing Pyramid

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At work I was recently tasked with leading a case study that would explore the differences between Unit testing and Functional Testing, with the overall aim being to determine if we should be focusing on one over the other, perhaps even exclusively. I figured that since I was going to be doing this work, it would be a good opportunity to write a blog post or two on the subject….

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Goal & Objective Setting for a QA Performance Review / Appraisal

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I have been in my current job for around 5 months now. It is a relatively large multi-national company (around 6k employees), and anyone who has worked in this sort of environment will know that it is almost universally required for employees to have some personal objectives set for a performance review or appraisal that typically occurs every 6 or 12 months. Having these objectives in place (and meeting them,…

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Introduction to DevOps – Part 2: Pain & Waste

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In my previous blog post on DevOps I gave an introduction and an overview of what I believe DevOps to be. To delve deeper into the subject, in this post I am going to talk about two primary reasons that an organisation would consider switching to a Dev Ops approach – Pain and Waste. What do I mean when I am talking about pain in an organisation? I mean the pain…

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Introduction to DevOps – Part 1: WTF Is DevOps?

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I have been meaning to write about DevOps for sometime, mostly because until recently I actually had no real idea what ‘DevOps’ was, yet I kept hearing about it everywhere I went, and all over the many blog posts I frequent. But even with the term being branded about so much, I was surprised to learn that there isn’t really an agreed definition (yet). Before I looked into it further,…

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Considerations when Performance Testing Native Mobile Applications

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It is no secret that applications which run on mobile phones (‘Apps’) are relentlessly becoming more popular and seeing more widespread use. In fact, they are becoming so popular that their usage is surpassing how we would traditionally access applications and services on a normal desktop or laptop computer. So what does all of this mean for us in the performance testing world? Firstly, let’s talk about the different types…

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Re-writing Performance Non-functional Requirements using a BDD Approach

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At my latest client site I was recently tasked with reviewing the Performance testing NFRs (non-functional requirements) and asked to make them both more readable and more testable. The client gave me a huge list of requirements that were quite painful to read. Here is an example of a couple of them: Performance requirement 1: The My Account Details functionality shall contains member’s account details and Members Digital Card and…

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The life of an IT Consultant – Surviving the first day(s) on client site

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I recently took a new job as a Technical Testing Consultant, after spending the last couple of years just working for a single company. In a break from my usual technical blog posts, I thought that it would be good to do a series of posts on what life is like working as an IT Consultant. This post will be my thoughts on how to survive the first few days…

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