The Rise of Automation: Why Coding Is Becoming a Job for Everyone

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Technology has come a long way from the black screen and blinking mouse in the 80s to touch screens and the wearables of today. Now, it is not just an option to be tech-savvy, it is a must. From Siri and Alexa to interactive voice response, artificial intelligence is on the up and up. With more dependence on AI and a heavier reliance on technology, it is important that we…

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All the Books I Read in 2016

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Normally, I am lucky if I read more than three or four books a year. There just never seems to be enough time. But last year, I read more books that ever!┬áMostly in the self-improvement genre. I figured that it would be good to write a blog post on all the books I read. I was inspired to write this post by reading a similar one that John Sonmez writes…

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