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Specification Re-use in Rest-Assured with ResponseSpecBuilder and RequestSpecBuilder

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When you are writing tests against your API in Rest-Assured you might have some common expected results that you want to check every single time that you call the API. For example, look at the very simple test below: @Test public void testSomeApi() { when(). get(“http://yourWebsiteAddress.com/someAPIcall”). then(). statusCode(200). body(containsString(“Your Website Title”)); } What this test is doing is calling the ‘someAPIcall’ on ‘http://yourWebsiteAddress.com’ and then checking that the status code…

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Going Further with Rest-Assured – Part 2: Parameterised Testing with JUnitParams

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In part 1 of this series on Going Further with Rest-Assured, we looked at creating classes for our test data within our test code and then saw how we can put that data into a Java Map. We also took some example JSON and used Rest-Assured to create another Map of that data, so that we can compare the two. This post will follow on directly from the last one…

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Going Further with Rest-Assured – Part 1: Writing and Using Test Data in your Framework

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In the previous blog post we looked at how we can extract data from an API call directly into our tests using Rest-Assured and had a look at a couple of basic tests that we could execute against that data. One small issue with the previous post is that we did not have an actual API that we could use (unless you happened to have access to one), but I…

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Extracting a JSON Response with Rest-Assured

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In the previous blog post on Getting up and Running with Rest-Assured, we went over everything that we needed to get up and running quickly. In this post I am going to focus on one of the features of Rest-Assured that I use regularly:¬†extracting a response . REST Assured Fundamentals – Out now on Udemy! My Udemy course on REST Assured Fundamentals is out now on Udemy. For readers of…

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Getting up and Running with Rest-Assured

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Testing APIs directly is becoming a bigger trend in the Test Automation world. A great open-source Java library that I have been using for this testing, with great success, is Rest-Assured. In this blog post, I am going to cover everything that you need to get up and running quickly with Rest-Assured. So just what exactly is Rest-Assured? Rest-Assured is an open-source Java Domain-Specific Language (DSL). It eliminates the requirement…

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