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Running Intellij traffic through Fiddler

By | Automation | One Comment

I recently ran into a need to capture HTTP traffic directly from my Intellij code (i.e. running in the JVM). I released I didn’t know how to capture Intellij through Fiddler. I.e. the http traffic that my application was generating. Even though I am quite familiar with using Fiddler, I did find this took a while to get working. So hopefully someone else benefits from this post on Intellij through Fiddler…

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Extracting a JSON Response with Rest-Assured

By | Automation, Rest Assured | 50 Comments

In the previous blog post on Getting up and Running with Rest-Assured, we went over everything that we needed to get up and running quickly. In this post I am going to focus on one of the features of Rest-Assured that I use regularly: extracting a response . REST Assured Fundamentals – Out now on Udemy! My Udemy course on REST Assured Fundamentals is out now on Udemy. For readers of…

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