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Automation Testing Ultimate Guide - title

Automation Testing The Ultimate Guide – by Joe Colantonio

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For those who don’t know Joe, he is a well known name in the Test Automation world. He is probably most famous for his Test Talks podcast (  one of my favourite podcasts! ), where he has interviewed an enviable line up of influential individuals in the test automation space over the last few years. As for the post on ‘Automation Testing The Ultimate Guide‘ itself, Joe has condensed an…

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The 100 Day Deep Work Challenge

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This year I have set myself the goal of creating 3 video tutorial courses. It will be a difficult goal to achieve. Because like everyone else, I am very busy with my job, family and life in general. It’s getting towards the end of February as I write this, and I haven’t made a great deal of progress. I have periods where I get quite a lot done. But then…

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Branching out my Blog – Starting a Software Testing Business

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My Dilema I have made the decision to expand the content of this blog somewhat. I wanted to write a short post to explain what I plan to do, and my thinking behind it. Over the past few months I have published some software testing blogs that I have been pretty happy with. They have had quite a lot of shares / views, more than I expected. They prompted some interesting discussion….

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Finding the Balance Between Unit & Functional Tests

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In my previous blog post I wanted to set the scene for this post on finding the balance between Unit and Functional tests. In that post we discussed the evolution of the Testing Pyramid and concluded that because it is only a model, we don’t have to strictly accept that we should always have more Unit tests than Functional tests. It’s about much more than just looking at the quantity of tests…

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