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Introduction to DevOps – Part 1: WTF Is DevOps?

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I have been meaning to write about DevOps for sometime, mostly because until recently I actually had no real idea what ‘DevOps’ was, yet I kept hearing about it everywhere I went, and all over the many blog posts I frequent. But even with the term being branded about so much, I was surprised to learn that there isn’t really an agreed definition (yet). Before I looked into it further,…

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Re-writing Performance Non-functional Requirements using a BDD Approach

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At my latest client site I was recently tasked with reviewing the Performance testing NFRs (non-functional requirements) and asked to make them both more readable and more testable. The client gave me a huge list of requirements that were quite painful to read. Here is an example of a couple of them: Performance requirement 1: The My Account Details functionality shall contains member’s account details and Members Digital Card and…

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