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The Rise of Automation: Why Coding Is Becoming a Job for Everyone

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Technology has come a long way from the black screen and blinking mouse in the 80s to touch screens and the wearables of today. Now, it is not just an option to be tech-savvy, it is a must. From Siri and Alexa to interactive voice response, artificial intelligence is on the up and up. With more dependence on AI and a heavier reliance on technology, it is important that we…

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Debug Gatling Performance Test Scripts – 5 Essential Methods

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  You might be recently starting out writing Gatling scripts. Or you might be a seasoned expert. Either way, it’s important to be able to debug Gatling scripts in an efficient manner. This post will help you to do that. It’s not immediately obvious how to enable debugging in Gatling. It’e even more difficult if you are only starting out using the tool. But fear not! This post will guide…

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Automation Testing Ultimate Guide - title

Automation Testing The Ultimate Guide – by Joe Colantonio

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For those who don’t know Joe, he is a well known name in the Test Automation world. He is probably most famous for his Test Talks podcast (  one of my favourite podcasts! ), where he has interviewed an enviable line up of influential individuals in the test automation space over the last few years. As for the post on ‘Automation Testing The Ultimate Guide‘ itself, Joe has condensed an…

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REST Assured Fundamentals Udemy

REST Assured Fundamentals: Udemy Course

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This week I finally got round to releasing my first course on Udemy – REST Assured Fundamentals. I have been working on the course on and off over the past year, and I am very pleased that I have been able to finally release it to the public! The course took me quite a while to create, but I am really pleased with the output, and hope it can be…

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REST Assured Schema Validation for JSON and XML

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Another feature of REST Assured you will perhaps want to take advantage of is REST Assured Schema Validation. Implementing schema validation can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the process. This post will walk you through setting up REST Assured Schema Validation for both JSON and XML. Not familiar with schema validation? It basically ensures that the JSON or XML response that you get back from an endpoint matches…

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How to Effectively use Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 3: GPath XML

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  This post is the 3rd and final in the series on Groovy GPath in REST Assured, and will focus on GPath XML. View part 1 and part 2 in the series on GPath here. REST Assured uses XmlPath that can be queried with GPath expressions. XmlPath is an alternative to using XPath for easily getting values from an XML document.  A lot of the functionality and syntax that we…

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Running Intellij traffic through Fiddler

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I recently ran into a need to capture HTTP traffic directly from my Intellij code (i.e. running in the JVM). I released I didn’t know how to capture Intellij through Fiddler. I.e. the http traffic that my application was generating. Even though I am quite familiar with using Fiddler, I did find this took a while to get working. So hopefully someone else benefits from this post on Intellij through Fiddler…

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Gating Introduction – High Level Overview of the Stress Test Tool

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Previously I wrote a post on getting Gatling setup to run through Gradle, but I wrote that without giving much of a Gatling introduction. In this post I will remedy that with a full Gatling introduction, including some of the key features of this superb tool. Video Presentation An extended version of the content in this blog post is presented in the video below: High Level Gatling Introduction – What is…

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How to Effectively use Groovy GPath in REST Assured – Part 2: GPath JSON

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In part 1 of this series on how to effectively use Groovy GPath in REST Assured, we gave an overview of Groovy. We also covered installation options, the Groovy playground, and some of the basic concepts that will be useful to us for GPath in REST Assured. For part 2, we are going to focus purely on working with GPath JSON in REST Assured. Although XML continues to be widely used amongst APIs…

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